Maureen Milliken

Maureen Milliken

I'm an experienced, talented and passionate writer and editor with a journalistic spirit. I love to explore new ways of doing things and thing outside of the box. Many years in newsrooms of daily newspapers has taught me to be adaptable as well as accurate and efficient on deadline, to crisis-manage, but also to look at things in new and exciting ways.

Expertise 33-year journalism career includes 10 years as a reporter and 23 as an editor, covering every topic imaginable, including six years as sports editor for New Hampshire's largest newspaper. I am also the author of three traditionally published books (two fiction and one non-fiction) and a self-published editing tips book.

Skills I am an experienced, accurate and creative writer of both fiction and non-fiction; an experienced editor of news copy as well as fiction, non-fiction books, business plans, academic papers and many other types of content. I built my own author website, learning rudimentary html language; as a newspaper editor I daily used Wordpress and many forms of social media; easily transitioned through radical technology changes over the past years in the news business and am comfortable with cloud-based applications and learning new technology. I also oversaw web content and am familiar with different types of formats and how content must accommodate them differently. As a reporter, and more recently a columnist, I covered a wide variety of topics, always with an eye on how to reach readers as effectively as possible.

Location South Portland and Belgrade, Maine



Phone 603-512-4444